From Making Music to Typing Code: A Look Into Dimiter Yordanov’s Career Change

Seattle native Dimiter Yordanov has always had a passion for music. Best known for his proficiency with multiple instruments and styles of music, he studied architecture at the University of Washington for one year before leaving to pursue a career in music. For over 10 years, he worked as a composer for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, contributing his skills to the original scores for “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” and “The Kindness Diaries,” as well as numerous other films and television series. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and show production was put on pause, Dimiter transitioned to writing and performing his own music. A self-taught concert pianist, he was signed to a record label and released his first album within months, performing shows in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Nashville. 

“Things were looking good, and everything was going according to plan,” Dimiter said. However, Dimiter wanted a change of pace and a more stable role in an environment where he felt valued. His search led him to enroll in University of Washington Coding Boot Camp, where he was able to pursue a newfound passion for designing and building products. 

Jumping right in 

Before enrolling in the boot camp, Dimiter had limited knowledge of the various programming languages and systems he would encounter over the course of the focused, completely virtual three-month program. 

“Technical concepts were like foreign languages to me,” he said. Determined to succeed, Dimiter took advantage of all available resources, including office hours and Career Services check-ins. He also scheduled tutoring sessions with his instructors to review the course material. 

“It was challenging, for sure — a lot more so than I expected,” Dimiter said, “but it was definitely worth it.”

Creating connections, one project at a time

Throughout the course of the boot camp, Dimiter was surrounded by like-minded classmates who shared his passion for coding — and was even able to collaborate with some of his peers on various projects and homework assignments. 

Dipping into his music background, Dimiter worked with classmates to create Bebop Music, a website where users could search for concerts featuring their favorite music artists. On another project, Dimiter and his team determined the pet-friendliness of various establishments and employers — then presented users with a discovery page featuring the most pet-friendly places in their area or a specific city. 

“Both were good examples of implementing the technical skills we were learning into a useful website,” he said. Throughout his other course projects, Dimiter was able to strengthen his time-management, prioritization, and problem-solving skills — all while collaborating with his classmates. 

Landing a new role with help from an old friend 

Toward the end of the boot camp, Career Services helped Dimiter optimize his resume and LinkedIn profile. When Dimiter was ready to apply for jobs, he ran into an old friend from high school at a concert in Seattle. After catching up, Dimiter learned that his friend worked at the software development company Qualtrics. Curious to learn more, Dimiter researched the company and was excited about everything he read.

A few weeks later, after various interviews and technical assessments, Dimiter landed a role as a software engineering intern at Qualtrics. Today, he works on a team where he helps build tools that empower companies to understand and improve customer, product, brand, and employee experiences. When his internship is over, he hopes to be employed full-time with Qualtrics.

“Looking back to the beginning of the boot camp, it’s crazy to see how familiar I am now with concepts that were once so foreign to me,” he said. “Now, I could probably code in my sleep.” 

Today, Dimiter has accomplished everything he set out to when he enrolled in the boot camp — and more. Not only did he follow his newfound passion for coding, but he also landed a job at a company that truly values him. 

“I’m eager to continue collaborating with passionate engineers to make an impact in the world of human experience,” Dimiter said. “Everything is finally falling into place.” 

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